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Turf Laying in Manchester From Ian's Trained and Experienced Professionals

Your service for turf laying in Manchester will always work through a careful process to ensure you're rewarded with healthy, long-lasting grass. This new green growth will be stimulated through the introduction of a nutrient-rich topsoil layer, and installed by experts:

Just the kind of fully trained professional landscape gardeners who know exactly how to get the results you need.

Make the arrangements for an onsite viewing to start your service off. One quick call to 020 3404 2414 is all it takes, and you can contact us now online at any time. Once you've had your viewing, it's simple to get an all-inclusive quote on the work you need done. Check out the information below to learn more.

What You Get When You Hire Ian's Gardeners For Turf Installation in Manchester

  • The highly experienced staff needed to achieve the healthy introduction of new grass and turf
  • Turf installation in Manchester achieved through the use of the latest tools and equipment
  • The ground is carefully prepared first, and the area cleared
  • Introduction of new mineral-rich top soil to ensure healthy growth
  • Appointments starting from 8:00 am and lasting until 6:30 pm - you choose what's best for you
  • Within reason, bad weather won't stop your service going ahead - only if the health of the grass would be affected

How Your Turf Installation Services Will Work

The steps involved in your turf installation services have been developed by experts to ensure that your newly installed grass will have the best chance at growing healthily:

  1. We clear all already-present growth and level the ground
  2. All waste generated is disposed of
  3. A new layer of topsoil is laid, ready to receive the root systems of your new grass
  4. That new grass is then laid

You'll be left with a freshly installed and healthy crop of new grass. Caring for it in the future will be down to you - at least if you don't hire any of our other services - but we'll always leave you details regarding watering, care, and how to properly mow your lawn.

Booking Turf Laying Services in Manchester

Don't worry about getting hidden charges added onto your service. When you use us to book your turf laying services in Manchester we always do it like so, so that you know you can count on a clear quoted rate:

  1. You'll speak with a landscape gardener at your premises, so they can see your property in person
  2. You can discuss your plans with your gardener, and get any advice on your project
  3. Then, within three working days, you'll receive an all-inclusive quote
  4. Confirm that you're content with this, and we'll set up your service appointment for the time that's best for you