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The Easy Way to Get Tree Pruning By Ian's Gardeners in Manchester

Got a tree in your garden that's blocking the light from your windows? Tree branches starting to overhang a neighbour's property? Call in this handy service for tree pruning in Manchester and wave goodbye to all these sorts of problems. Ian's Gardeners will provide you with a service which is:

Carried out by professionals using the latest equipment. Safe - and completely convenient. And which is ideal for almost any size of tree you could have in your back or front garden, in any property.

Call 020 3404 2414 or fill in our contact form now to get chatting to a helpful customer care adviser. You can find out more information about the details we'll need when you make your booking at the foot of the page.

Hire Ian's Gardeners For Tree Trimming in Manchester and Get:

  • You can book tree trimming in Manchester for tree growth up to 65 feet (20 metres) in height
  • Reliable and fully insured staff delivering all services
  • Specialised tree care and safety equipment always in use
  • One clear price for the service you need - this isn't an hourly-based option
  • Appointments on offer Monday-Sunday
  • Get an appointment which happens at the time that's best for you - options are on offer 8:00 am to 6:30 pm every day of the week
  • No trouble working even in poor weather conditions!

What Happens During Your Tree Pruning Services?

Your tree pruning services in Manchester will always start with an onsite inspection by your team of professional tree surgeons, and a confirmation of the price you were quoted over the phone.

During your inspection you'll be able to discuss your requirements for your service once again. Tree trimming usually includes the removal of branches or buds to improve the health of the tree, or to guide trees into growing in a certain shape or direction. It's also possible to restrict the size of trees through trimming, and to encourage more flowers or fruit to grow.

Just tell us what you want to happen.

How to Get the Professional Tree Care You Need

Setting up your professional tree care with us is fast and easy - and you can do it 24/7, because that's when our helplines are open!

When you do book, we'll need to know the following:

  1. How large your trees are, and how many of them you have
  2. What exactly you want to have done during your service - do you want your trees just carefully pruned, for example?
  3. You'll need to confirm for us that your tree is in your garden, or if it's in your neighbour's plot that we have access and permission to address it
  4. You'll need to tell us what to do with any green waste that is produced during your appointment
  5. And finally, tell us about the way we can access you garden - is there a convenient gate, for instance?

Then you're good to go!