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Ian's Trusted Gardeners For Any Manchester Gardening You Need

Book work from Ian's professional gardeners in Manchester, as well as a team of qualified tree surgeons and garden designers - whatever you need to perfect your outside space. One call is all you need to book...

Plus of course, you'll have the chance to meet an expert onsite before you agree to your service going ahead. There's no obligation to this. And we'll always be happy to provide a quote on the work you need done.

Call 020 3404 2414 or contact us online at your convenience. Our support lines are staffed 24 hours a day, every day of the week. You can make your onsite appointment happen whenever's best for you during this time, without any obligation to use our service afterwards.

Why This Is the Garden Landscaping You Need in Manchester

  • You always get the best value - your garden maintenance is rated by the hour, with landscaping charged by the job
  • All delivered by the trusted and experienced garden landscapers you need for any job in Manchester - garden maintenance or improvement work
  • Tools readily available for all tasks you might need done - landscaping, clean up, and even tree surgery
  • Opt for weekday, weekend, or Bank Holiday services dependant on your wishes - we work whenever it's best for you
  • No difficulties working in poor weather conditions - you'll only ever see hard working professionals on your property
  • Get an appointment to talk to an expert onsite - without any obligation, and before you even confirm your service

Your Gardening Services - What Do You Need From Them?

Ian's Gardeners generally offer one of two broad types of gardening services in Manchester. The first kind are for ongoing care for your garden or trees. The others are garden re-design and improvement options suitable for all kinds of spaces:

  • Garden maintenance - get one service which can take care of all of the basic - and occasionally more advanced - garden maintenance you need outside. This can include tasks like leaf collection, weeding, lawn mowing, hedge trimming, and more.
  • Garden design and landscaping - build a new deck, a new patio, plant new trees or flowers, lay new turf, and much more. Our services for garden landscaping offer all of these and additional options too.

Your Gardening in Manchester - How to Order Your Service

Get the gardening you need in Manchester organised in the safest and most straightforward way:

  1. Give us a call or contact us online using the information at the top of the page
  2. The consultation part of your appointment happens - this is onsite, and without obligation to you
  3. During this you'll be able to discuss your plans with someone who knows what they're talking about
  4. This gives you the advice you need, as well as giving us the information we require to set your price
  5. You receive your quote on the spot in the event of ordering garden maintenance, or within three days in the event of landscaping
  6. Once you're content, we'll then arrange your main service for when you choose
  7. Or if you're ordering maintenance, we'll be able to commence right away!